• Learn storytelling
    and public speaking
    with Campfire classes

Intro to Storytelling

Learn the basics

  • Learn skills in public speaking, constructing a talk, writing a story, and telling a story
  • One-individual coaching sessions with personal attention and individual notes
  • One personal story ready to be delivered

You get to perform at a Campfire!

$ 180 6-week course
  • You have something to say. This class gives you the tools and gets you ready to say it.

Advanced Storytelling

Dig in deeper

  • Deepen your skills in public speaking, constructing a talk, presenting a talk, and telling a story
  • Two-individual coaching sessions with personal attention and individual notes
  • One personal story ready to be delivered

Launching in Fall 2019

$ 75 6-week course
  • Since the Advanced Storytelling is a new class for us we are offering the first session of this class at a discount!

Want to hear our students apply what they’re learning?

Take a listen to student’s stories from the Campfire

Every Campfire class

Connection with the natural storyteller and public speaker you have inside


Learn, and be supported, alongside other people trying to get better at something that often feels scary


Personal attention with individual notes


Classes rooted in our researched and lived philosophy
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Have a talk soon and need to get to work right now?

Speaker Coaching sounds right

Our Faculty are known for...

Knowledge and experience


All Campfire Faculty are knowledgable on the subject matter they are using. They have put the Campfire curriculum to use in their own talks, stories, or as past Fellows and Students in the same exact curriculum you will experience! Our Faculty have a background in education and facilitation so not only are they knowledgable but they know the best ways to transfer that expertise to you.

Attention to each student


Our Faculty are in this experience with you, they are present and 100% engaged in your learning. When our Faculty are in a class, training, or coaching session they are focused on making sure that you are learning and that no one gets left behind. This is driven by their passion for people learning what Campfire teaches.

Bringing out the best in each person


Our faculty recognize that taking risks and learning something new can be hard. But don’t worry too much, we have your back! Campfire Faculty are focused on making sure the everyone feels supported and that no one gets left behind. We make sure that our practices are inclusive so all students can see themselves being successful in our classes, trainings, and coaching.

Organized and intentional teaching


Our Faculty have their stuff together, they are clear in their communications, expectations, and how the training is going to operate. We want you to know the necessary details of a class so you can be as successful as possible. We are transparent and open about the experience so you can get yourself organized for success too!

Want to meet the folks teaching our classes?

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