• Learn public speaking
    and storytelling
    with Campfire classes

$ 75 3 hour workshop
Intro to Story
  • Not quite ready for the full course? Get an intro level experience with Campfire's skills.

Dip your toe in

  • Learn how to put together a great talk
  • Get a introduction to add story to your next speech
  • Break down narratives to better understand their components
  • Learn leading speech structures
$ 199 8-week course
The Campfire Class
  • You have something to say. This class gives you the tools and gets you ready to say it.

The whole kit and kaboodle

  • Improve your skills in public speaking, constructing a talk, presenting a talk, writing a story, and telling a story the way to becoming a better public speaker
  • Learn how to use your authentic voice when speaking
  • Work/learn alongside other people trying to get better
  • Personal attention with individual notes
  • 1 personal story ready to be delivered

Registration is closed for now but let us know if you’re interested in signing up for our next class

Campfire classes are different

We create a comfortable and welcoming space to learn something that often feels scary.


We teach a conversational style rooted in story.


We use a fresh and innovative curriculum that guides our instruction.


We offer the option to show what you’ve learned in a capstone public showcase.
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Already have a talk and want to get better at giving it?

Individual Coaching sounds like the right thing

Steven Harowitz

Director of Campfire

I lead the Campfire team.  I hold a Bachelors in Liberal Arts (Interdisciplinary Studies, woop) from the University of Central Florida and a Master of Education from the University of South Carolina.  I now reside in St. Louis, Missouri overseeing the Angel and Paul Harvey Media Center and perform at The Improv Shop Improvising my…

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Jenni Harpring

Facilitation Director

I believe good facilitation creates connection.  I have experienced this in classrooms, small groups, dinner parties, and my own Campfire storytelling experience. I have been fortunate to cultivate these skills in my professional life. I have over 15 years of experience in community engagement, international and domestic social work, civic engagement, higher education, training, and…

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