• Learn public speaking
    and storytelling
    with Campfire classes

$ 150 6-week course
Intro to Storytelling
  • You have something to say. This class gives you the tools and gets you ready to say it.

The whole kit and kaboodle

  • Improve your skills in public speaking, constructing a talk, presenting a talk, writing a story, and telling a story the way to becoming a better public speaker
  • Learn how to use your authentic voice when speaking
  • Work/learn alongside other people trying to get better
  • Personal attention with individual notes
  • 1 personal story ready to be delivered

You get to perform at a Campfire!

$ 50 3-hour workshop
Intro to Story
  • Not quite ready for the full course? Get an intro level experience with Campfire's skills.

Dip your toe in

  • Learn how to put together a great talk
  • Get a introduction to add story to your next speech
  • Break down narratives to better understand their components
  • Learn leading speech structures

Campfire classes are different

We create a comfortable and welcoming space to learn something that often feels scary.


We teach a conversational style rooted in story.


We use a fresh and innovative curriculum that guides our instruction.


We offer the option to show what you’ve learned in a capstone public showcase.
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Have a talk soon and need to work on sooner than our classes?

Individual Coaching sounds like the right thing

Steven Harowitz

Director of Campfire

I lead the Campfire team.  I hold a Bachelors in Liberal Arts (Interdisciplinary Studies, woop) from the University of Central Florida and a Master of Education from the University of South Carolina.  I now reside in St. Louis, Missouri overseeing Business Development in St. Louis and the Midwest for Washington University’s Olin Business School and…

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Jenni Harpring

Facilitation Director

I believe good facilitation creates connection.  I have experienced this in classrooms, small groups, dinner parties, and my own Campfire storytelling experience. I have been fortunate to cultivate these skills in my professional life. I have over 15 years of experience in community engagement, international and domestic social work, civic engagement, higher education, training, and…

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