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Campfire elevates everyday voices.

We do this through…

Strengthening voices by building their capacity for public speaking and storytelling.

Amplifying voices by promoting their stories through our events and communications channels.

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Classes for anyone ready to explore their life through story and might want to speak it out loud. Campfire classes prepare you to speak up for yourself and speak out on whats important to you.

Coaching for community members, academic leaders, and idea believers who have something to say but don’t quite have the words. Campfire Coaching prepares you to speak up for your ideas and speak out to those you want to help.

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Training for nonprofits, universities, and foundations that want to tell their story more effectively or build their constituents ability to share your impact. A Campfire training prepares your team to speak up for your constituents and speak out for your causes.

Events for those interested in experiencing a well-told story. Seeing a Campfire live is an opportunity to hear stories about life and how we live it.

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