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Storytelling Classes

Storytelling is a critical part of all communities, organizations, and individual lives. Stories, to others and ourselves, create the reality in which we live. When we have a deeper understanding of how to tell stories, we can harness that tool for good. There is a depth of hope, despair, magic, and evolution in your everyday stories that make for a powerful narrative you can share with yourself and the world around you.

Classes include

A focus on elevating your natural voice

Your voice is a core part of you. We nurture and celebrate your voice as it is now, rather than putting words into your mouth that don’t feel or sound right to you. Your authenticity matters to us.

Unique capstone experiences

It’s only natural—when you work hard on something, it feels good to share the finished product. Our team takes great care in planning and producing all aspects of our signature Campfire events. You’ve got a story to tell. Let us handle the logistics so you can tell it.

Personal attention with individual notes

Our instructor-to-student ratio is low so that you get the one-on-one time you need. Our responsive, compassionate Faculty will work with you to conquer your fears, celebrate your triumphs, and all the messy stuff in between. We’ve got your back.

Teachers with years of experience

This isn’t our first rodeo. Our Faculty bring ridiculously diverse experiences and skills to the table. We’ve got all kinds of tools in our toolbox, and we’re always adding to them to ensure our methods carry real impact.

Intro to Storytelling

Learn the basics

  • Learn skills in public speaking, constructing a talk, writing a story, and telling a story
  • One individual coaching session with personal attention and individual notes
  • One personal story ready to be delivered
$ 150 6-week course
  • You have something to say. This class gives you the tools and gets you ready to say it.

Make sure to check out the Class Guidelines before enrolling

Advanced Storytelling

Dig in deeper

  • Deepen your skills in public speaking, constructing a talk, presenting a talk, and telling a story
  • Two-individual coaching sessions with personal attention and individual notes
  • One personal story ready to be delivered

You must take the Intro to Storytelling Class before being able to take the Advanced Storytelling class

You get to perform at a Campfire!

$ 150 6-week course
  • Since the Advanced Storytelling is a new class for us we are offering the first session of this class at a discount!

Make sure to check out the Class Guidelines before enrolling

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Rise to a new challenge

The two lines our teachers hear most often from students is “I don’t have any good stories to tell” and “I’m not good at public speaking.” Every student who says this has proven themselves wrong.

“I was incredibly proud for rising to what was a very challenging exercise for me, to be seen. I was incredibly honored to hear everyone’s story in the class, and witness the progress of each individual. I am incredibly grateful for the experience!”

Connect through story

Build connection with your classmates through the least awful ice breaker there is: Telling stories and listening to stories. Campfire classes are a healthy mix of individual work and group collaboration.

“The best possible environment for creative encouragement.”

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Grow who you are

Learning to tell your own story has a ripple effect into how you see yourself and the world. Stories create our reality and we teach you how to use the skills you gain in our classes in any area of your life.

“I now know that this is something I can do, and that it doesn’t need to be intimidating or out of reach. I feel fuller as a person for having had the experience.”

Need more Info?

If you are concerned about the cost, check out Campfire’s Fair Cost policy.

You can take a look at the Class Guidelines document to learn more about how our classes are run.

You can learn more about our Faculty on the Campfire website.

You can listen to past Campfire storytellers tell their stories on stage.

A quick note, the Intro class no longer has a large, public event. That has been moved to our Advanced Storytelling class.

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