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    Campfire at Home

    A podcast of stories about
    life and how we live it.

Warning: this podcast occasionally contains strong language and subject matter which may be unsuitable for children.

Almost every month, we gather at the Campfire to hear stories about life and how we live it from the everyday voices around us.

Campfire at Home is how we bring that live storytelling experience to you, wherever you are.

Let’s get started.

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3 things to know about Campfire at Home

Fellows’ Facilitations

When you listen to any of our episodes that feature a Campfire Fellow, you may notice musical interludes throughout the episode. That’s because our Fellows open up their Campfire for audience engagement in a number of ways. Since we haven’t quite figured out how to translate those engagements to a podcast, we play some pleasant guitar riffs to transition you to the next piece of the story.

Capstone Episodes

When you see an episode that is somewhere in the 10-20 minute range, it’s a good bet you are listening to one of our students give their Capstone Campfire. This is the final element of their Campfire training: getting up on stage and telling a short story using all of their newly developed skills.

Always Evolving

Something we think is special about Campfire at Home is that it’s always evolving. When we update our courses and coaching, the stories recorded are impacted. When we work on new ways to engage audiences in how Campfire at Home is produced, the podcast is impacted. We are constantly evolving to provide you the best listening experience.

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