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If your organization wants to leverage stories for good, then you’ve come to the right place.

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Stories are powerful ways to help people learn, remember details, and strengthen their connection to you, your cause, or your organization. Stories are the foundation for how we see the world around us, and storytelling is a critical skill for organizations doing good in the world. We teach you how to leverage these stories to move your work forward.

Public Speaking

To do good in the world we have to be able to get our ideas out there. Having a team able to speak publicly on your organization and cause is vital to motivating, informing, educating, or convincing audiences. Campfire can teach and coach your team to become powerful speakers ready to change hearts and minds.

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1. Set up a call

Once you’ve reviewed what we offer, click the Set up a call link. You will be connected with someone at Campfire to talk through the package, your needs, and next steps. This is also a great time to ask any questions you might have and get insight into what we offer.

2. Review your menu

Most trainings aren’t one size fit all. Each organization and their teams have different needs so we’ve created a process to create you your very own Menu. You will get three options which give you a choice of trainings that will fit your budget and timeline.

3. Develop your team

We provide capacity-building to your team that is interesting, engaging, specific, helpful, different and distinct. We work closely with you to make sure the training will be as effective as possible. We train in ways that your team can continue to use their newly-developed skills long after we’re gone.


Want your team to be better storytellers or speakers? Maybe they don’t have to be ready to “speak 10 times a week” but you want them to have the skills and experience to be better than they currently are? Campfire workshops are a great option to sharpen your team’s skills. Workshops can be up to a full day and are customized to fit your available time and budget.

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If your team needs to build their long-term capacity to speak publicly or tell stories, then a multi-session training is a great fit. This most closely matches our class structure and offers a paced out, educational experience that provides tangible skills, community amongst your team, and tools that can be used far into the future.

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A partnership with Campfire means your team has all the access they need to coaching, skill building, and tools to be strong communicators. Partnerships are always custom and fit your exact needs so we know you are seeing the outcomes you envisioned. Partnerships can be a strong option for a professional development, to have a pool of hours for your staff to utilize, or to have communications consulting at your fingertips for any question you might have.

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We’ve worked with all kinds of clients


Our Trainings are a little different

Theory to Practice

Your team will learn the theories, concepts, and research to create a strong understanding before getting to use their newfound skills with hands-on, experiential activities. This can even include a personalized live event just for your group!

Entirely Customizable

We have a library of road-tested modules that help us build the perfect training for you. No matter what you’re looking for, we can create a training that will fit the audience, the goals, the time, and the budget that you have. And if one of our packages fits but you need to make some minor tweaks, we are happy to do it. You will even get a menu of three options so you can pick and choose the elements you like and don’t like across a range of what we provide.


We make this as simple for you as possible. When you book a training with Campfire, we take care of everything. Materials? Check. Travel? Check. Lodging? Check. Heck, if you want any of the training or presentations recorded (video, audio, or photos) we can set that up as well.

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