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If you have a talk coming up that you want to crush, then you’ve come to the right place.

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Need more information about our coaching before getting started? We’ve put together a brief overview of the process and coaches towards the bottom of this page.

Let’s get started

1. Choose a package

We’ve created coaching packages that bring together our personalized attention, distinct coaching process, and public speaking insight. These packages get you started no matter your budget or needs. If you need something customized, just let us know in Step 2.

2. Setup a call

Once you know which Coaching package you want to dive into, click the Setup a Call link below the package selection and fill out the form. You will be connected with someone at Campfire to talk through the package, your needs, and next steps. This is also a great time to ask any questions you might have and get insight into what we offer.

3. Give a better talk

When you’ve finished with your coaching, you can feel confident that you are about to give a better talk than you were before working with Campfire. Campfire’s experience and skill in speaker coaching will give your talk an upgrade that will resonate with the audience.

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Self-Starter coaching package

Campfire’s coaching Self-Starter coaching package is a perfect fit if you are ready to tackle your talk and need a helping hand to keep you on track towards giving the talk you envision. The Self-starter package provides you with your own speaker coach who will work with you to create a timeline, milestones, and support structure to get you ready for your talk. Your coach will give you insights and feedback on your presentation as you are developing so you can be confident in what you are creating.

Collaborate coaching package

Campfire’s Collaborate package is ideal for someone who needs to prepare their talk from start to finish. This package gives you more time to craft, rehearse, and perfect your talk while collaboratively developing it alongside a Campfire coach. By the end of your coaching sessions you will have mastery over your talk and already have accomplished one full run through in front of an audience.

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Co-Create coaching package

Campfire’s Co-Create coaching package ensures that your big talk is going to be unlike any other speech your audience will have heard or seen before. Co-Create offers additional base sessions with an unlimited number of additional in-person sessions or draft reviews. By the end of your coaching sessions you will know that you are about to present a talk that is going to resonate with your audience for days, weeks, and months after your talk.

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Campfire Coaching Details

The Process


All Campfire coaching is rooted in experiential exercises that get you into rehearsing your talk as soon as possible. For most of our coaching packages, this also comes with our unique in-home rehearsal process that provides a wealth of feedback and ways to strengthen your talk.


Making sure that you’re developing an outline, writing drafts, and rehearsing can be half the challenge. Campfire has a strong process and project management focus to make sure that you are reaching the milestones you need to before the day of your talk.


Accessibility is a core value for Campfire. One way we live that out is making sure we have multiple levels of coaching packages to fit your needs and budget. We will even work with you on price when possible.

The Coaches


Our coaches are focused on bringing out the best in you while acknowledging that taking risks and learning something new can be hard. But don’t worry too much, we have your back! Campfire coaches are focused on making sure the everyone feels supported and that no one gets left behind. We make sure that our practices are inclusive so all students can see themselves being successful in our coaching.


Our coaches are in this experience with you, they are present and 100% engaged in your learning. When our coaches are in a class, training, or coaching session, they are focused on making sure that you are learning.


Campfire coaches are supportive of your development, collaborative in putting together your talk, and creative when developing new elements for your talk. Our coaches are part of your team, making sure you arrive at the date of your presentation prepared and confident in what you will be sharing.

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