• Intro to Storytelling class

Intro to Storytelling

A 6-week class that’s 75% story and 25% public speaking

This 6-week class is an opportunity to develop your storytelling skills and how to use them, both personally and professionally. The course offers a foundational knowledge of story, its role in our lives, and how you can own your story.

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The benefits of taking Intro to Storytelling:

* You will learn how to tap into your authentic voice while preparing a personal talk ready to be delivered.

* You will receive personal attention with individual notes.

* You will get to connect with a group of interesting people on a similar path of self-improvement and skill-building.

* You can take our Advanced Storytelling class, which gives you a chance to deepen your storytelling abilities. It includes a public showcase event, podcast episode, and event photos.

  • Session 1: Welcome and Orientation

    Get to know your classmates, the class structure, and what Campfire is all about.

  • Session 2: The Narrative Arc and Story Theme Selection

    Learn how to organize a story in a way that makes practical, impactful, and emotional sense. Work with your classmates to determine the theme you will all work with for your Capstone.

  • Session 3: The Elements of Story & Stories that Transport

    Uncover all the pieces that make your story send a signal through the noise. Learn how to make creative choices that deepen your connection with your audience.

  • Session 4: Work Session

    Dive into rapid workshopping of your story on your own, with classmates, and one-on-one with your instructor.

  • Session 5: Stage Presence

    Learn tips and tricks to be your most natural self on stage. We’ll discuss strategies to use before, during, and after your talk that will help you build confidence, maintain focus, and feel good about your delivery.

  • Session 6: Rehearsal

    We’ll pull all the pieces together and rehearse for our Capstone. Peer and instructor feedback will be provided so you can continue to build your talk before the Capstone.

  • Capstone

    Invite 1-2 of guests of your choice to bear witness to the results of your creative work. Light refreshments provided.

Get a heads-up when class registration opens

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Ease into public speaking

The two lines our teachers hear most often from students are “I don’t have any good stories to tell,” and “I’m not good at public speaking.” Every student who said this has proven themselves wrong.

“This was a fabulous experience for an Intro to Storytelling course. I cannot think of anything I would change.”

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Small class size

Campfire classes are kept small – only 8 per class – so each person can get the personal attention they want or need. Small class sizes also make it easier to form new friendships and connections.

“This will be one of the most memorable things you do in life. Be excited!”

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Skills for life & work

Intro to Storytelling carries impact both personally and professionally. And that’s just the start of this class’ ripple effect.

“I learned how to organize my stories, and find a voice and boldness in sharing them.”

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Need more Info?

If you are concerned about the cost, check out Campfire’s Fair Cost policy.

You can take a look at the Class Guidelines document to learn more about how our classes are run.

You can learn more about our Faculty on the Campfire website.

You can listen to past Campfire storytellers tell their stories on stage.

A quick note, the Intro class no longer has a large, public event. That has been moved to our Advanced Storytelling class.
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