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“The Campfire crew is an insanely talented group of people.”


Bronwyn Ritchie, August 2016 Campfire Storyteller

The Campfire Team wants to share everything we’ve learned after years of storytelling through public speaking, improv, journalism, marketing, and podcasting.

Campfire Academy

Storytelling training is only as good as the final performance. A storytelling workshop partnered with a live event on stage, in front of an audience, is the best way to make sure that each person experiences the power of what they just learned.

The Campfire Academy is an all-inclusive package that includes the chance for participants to develop their own talk then present that talk at a live event the Campfire team will produce and host.

We provide everything you need to host a deep, impactful experience for participants and a wide reach for the assembly of people coming to enjoy the live storytelling.

Facilitation Crash Course

There are facilitators that bore the hell out of people. They aren’t quite sure how to keep a groups attention let alone get information across. Then you have facilitators that bring an audience to life, start to finish. They help groups focus and do their best work. We can teach your staff and team how to facilitate discussion with the best of them.

Custom Retreats

Campfire can create custom options for your organization no matter your goal. Past examples are vision and mission Development, effective meetings, and injecting creativity into your organization

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“As far as the coaching, it was fantastic.”


Sympho Mubano, July 2016 Campfire Storyteller