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    Season 7

    Campfire Fellows

Announcing our Season 7 Campfire Fellows answering the question

“Do we choose responsibility?”

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Campfire Fellow

Jason Flamm is a comedy and marketing writer born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. He unknowingly took a 30 year journey to find himself–one filled with a lot of struggle, pain and depression. However, the last six years… have been damn good. From the bottom to the middle, now he’s here. And, he very much looks forward to seeing what the next 36 years will bring.

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Campfire Fellow

Rafaella Fiallo believes in traveling to new places, being hypnotized by works of art, filling her belly with drool-worthy foods, and taking naps. As a kid she struggled with learning how to read and needed help in school. With time she mastered reading and discovered how to explore and escape through the stories she read. She’s since earned a master’s and started two businesses. Now she focuses on healing through self-discovery and invites others on similar journeys.

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Campfire Showcase

The amazing Intro to Storytelling students: Dolores, James C., James M., Tahnee, Regina

These wonderful students have learned from the public speaking coaches of Campfire. After a 6-week class gives an honest, authentic personal talk of their own.

Become a Campfire Fellow

Help us choose and explore the Season 8 Question

What is a Campfire Fellow?

  • A Campfire Fellow discovers their own wisdom through answering the season question.
  • A Campfire Fellows learn public speaking, storytelling, and group facilitation
  • A Campfire Fellow shares what they’ve learned and invites others into the discussion.
  • A Campfire Fellow supports the development and growth of Campfire.

What are we looking for in a Fellow?

  • Campfire Fellows must be first and foremost kind.
  • To do good work as a Campfire Fellow you need to have a certain level of introspection.
  • It’s necessary to be open to sharing your stories.
  • It’s important for our Fellows to not only understand Campfire’s work but to also believe in it.
  • An ideal fellow has the necessary time available to be able to fully commit.
  • The ideal Campfire Fellow has a “sweet spot” of skills and is ready.

The Timeline

Applications close

Sunday, November 4th


Applicant notification

Sunday, November 11th


Cohort Announcement

Sunday, November 18th

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