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    Season 5

    Campfire Fellows

Announcing our Season 5 Campfire Fellows answering the question

“How do you find your place in the world?”

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Campfire Fellow

Ryan Gist is an educator from Summerville, South Carolina. He graduated with a BA in History and earned a Master’s in Education from The Citadel. After working in the youth development field for several years, he currently works as a Student Support Coordinator for Logos School, providing hope and a path to success for students that have cognitive and/or emotional challenges.

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Campfire Fellow

Molly Pearson hails from Lincoln, Nebraska. She moved to St. Louis in 2005 to earn her degree in English literature and women and gender studies at Webster University. After six years of non-profit dabbling, she is currently pursuing dual master’s degrees in social work and public health at Washington University.

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Campfire Fellow

Jill E. Carnaghi currently works at Saint Louis University and has degrees from three Big Ten institutions. Over the years, her passion and purpose in life has focused on working with college students and creating a life with a terrific individual and two amazing children. Upon retirement on June 30, 2018, where is she going to find herself?

Each fellow will be a Storyteller at their very own Campfire live event. They will work with our team to craft a story that resonates from their life that will reverberate through an audience.


Our Fellows are quiet heroes who want to live an examined life and want to give that gift to others. President Obama describes quiet heroes as people who “[are] not famous. Their names are not in the newspapers, but each and every day they work hard… They aren’t seeking the limelight. All they try to do is just do the right thing.”


The Campfire team gives our Fellows everything we’ve designed and created over the last year and a half. We’ve developed a welcoming cohort program so you can meet cool, new people who are going through the same experience. Your cohort members are there for support and sounding boards. The other Fellows will also provide ideas and thoughts for to make your Campfire amazing. The fellowship starts with a six-week training prior to Season 5 kicking off then when it gets closer to your Campfire you will have three individual coaching sessions. We teach you public speaking, group facilitation, and storytelling skills. We prepare you to host your own Campfire with three individual coaching sessions and a rehearsal in front of select Campfire team members, volunteers, and past storytellers.

Interested in future Fellows cohorts?

4-week cohort experience and 3 individual coaching sessions


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