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Campfire is looking for three people to be a part of our Campfire Fellows cohort exploring the Season 6 question, “What happens when you let go of the plan?”

Each fellow will be a Campfire Storyteller at their very own Campfire live event. They will work with our team to craft a story that resonates from their life that will reverberate through an audience.


We are looking to build a cohort of quiet heroes who want to live an examined life and want to give that gift to others. President Obama describes quiet heroes as people who “[are] not famous. Their names are not in the newspapers, but each and every day they work hard… They aren’t seeking the limelight. All they try to do is just do the right thing.”


This person wants to find out how they want to live their life, not ascribe to someone else’s way. They want to learn from their mistakes and celebrate their victories, from the mundane to grand. Our ideal Campfire Fellow embraces any lingering fears of public speaking on their way to sharing their journey of exploration with an audience of people who are hungry for a conversation more meaningful than the usual surface level ones. Our ideal Campfire Fellow is curious about the possibility of sparking a whole room of people into meaningful, candid discussion.


The Campfire team gives our Fellows everything we’ve designed and created over the last year and a half. We’ve developed a welcoming cohort program so you can meet cool, new people who are going through the same experience. Your cohort members are there for support and sounding boards. The other Fellows will also provide ideas and thoughts for to make your Campfire amazing. The fellowship starts with a five-week training prior to Season 6 kicking off then when it gets closer to your Campfire you will have three individual coaching sessions. We teach you public speaking, group facilitation, and storytelling skills. We prepare you to host your own Campfire with three individual coaching sessions and a rehearsal in front of select Campfire team members, volunteers, and past storytellers.


Oh and this entire experience is free.


We are now taking applications in addition to nominations so more people can have an opportunity to become a Campfire storyteller.

Season 6 Campfire Fellows will meet every Sunday from 6:30pm-9:30pm from January 14th – February 11th at KDHX


Applications are due December 27th by 7:00pm

Nominations will need to be submitted prior to this so the nominee has a chance to provide additional information.

“The Campfire team made me feel comfortable and important the entire time.

Ken More

August 2017 Storyteller

“As far as the coaching, it was fantastic.”

Sympho Mubano

July 2016 Storyteller

“The Campfire crew is an insanely talented group of people.”

Bronwyn Ritchie

August 2016 Storyteller


Jenni Harpring

Facilitation Director

  • November 2016 Campfire Storyteller
  • 10 Years of facilitation experience
  • Led dozens of cohorts

Seth Schroeder

Narrative Architect

  • Studied Journalism
  • Worked for newspaper
  • 3 Years of Improv Comedy

Steven Harowitz


  • Oversees the Angel and Paul Harvey Media Center at WashU
  • 4+ Years of Improv Comedy
  • 5+ years of Public Speaking

Campfire Fellows at a glance

5-week cohort experience and 3 individual coaching sessions


1 Campfire


1 Campfire at Home podcast and Listening Session


Applications are due December 27th by 7:00pm

Nominations will need to be submitted prior to this so the nominee has a chance to provide additional information.

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